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Cinnamon Roll Stitch Markers, 5 pcs

Cinnamon Roll Stitch Markers, 5 pcs

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Add a touch of sweetness to your knitting with these Cinnamon Roll Stitch Markers. Handmade, each of these progress keepers is unique and delicious-looking. All the fun, none of the sugar. Never lose your place in your knitting again with these stitch markers. A must-have for any knitter, these markers are perfect for counting stitches and keeping track of your progress. Snag a set of five before they're all gone. 

One cinnamon bun or two? How about five?

These handmade lever-back stitch markers with handmade charms can be used to mark your stitches while knitting or to track your progress within your knit or crochet projects. What a simple and fun way to add interest to even the most basic stockinette knitting projects. These stitch markers can also be worn as earrings. Hello, functional jewelry!


• Perfect for both Knitting and crochet

• Our lightweight clay stitch markers will not stretch or distort your stitches.

• An excellent gift for anyone interested in knitting and crochet

• Charming realistic food stitch marker set

• Handmade with care.


Package Includes:

• Handmade stitch markers in the style of Cinnamon Rolls with opening lever back hooks, 5-piece set



• Length: 1/2" - 1"

• Width: 3/8" - 3/4"

Stitch Marker Uses:
• Stitch markers for crochet
• Stitch markers for knitting
• Progress keepers for knitting and crochet
• Functional Jewelry: Earrings, Necklace Charms, and Bracelet Charms
• Journal charms


⚠ Important Information:

  • This item is made to order, expect a 1-3 day processing period prior to shipping.
  • This product is made by hand, therefore expect some mild visual imperfections. These imperfections will not affect the integrity of the product and aren't grounds for a return or exchange.
  • If your item arrives damaged or fails within 30 days or less of your date of purchase, then please reach out to the shop to discuss receiving a replacement.



Set of 5 Frosted Cinnamon Roll Stitch Markers / Progress Keepers for Knitting and Crochet

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