DIY Sock Blockers

DIY Sock Blockers

Hey Guys! Today I am going to be teaching you how to DIY your own sock shapers or sock blockers. Blocking or Shaping in knitting is often crucial for giving your items a finished look, a proper fit, and a decent shape. Socks, even though they typically fit whether or not they have been blocked, are no exception. Blocking your socks can add more definition to their design, allow the knit fabric itself to stretch out to its full potential for a nice smooth sock, and can give the sock a natural foot shape which allows for a better fit.


        These blockers are quick, simple and inexpensive to make which is great considering that they seem to average at around $8 or more each in stores and online! I'm most certainly not the first person to make them in this way but I figured that creating and sharing this tutorial would be beneficial to you. After all, knowledge and know-how are better off shared!


Aren't they beautiful?

To Make These Blockers, You Will Need:

                                 • A Wire Hanger (One Per Blocker)

                                 • A Pair of Pliers





    1. Take the two shoulders of your hanger and press them inwards to create a diamond shape



    2. Next you are going to square off the top of your blocker, this will shape the calf of your sock.

    If you are able you'll want to do this with your hands. The less you use your pliers, the less scraping you will have on the surface of the hanger. The scrapes can catch and pull at your socks which can weaken them.


    3. Use your pliers to bow out one side of your hanger leaving one end at a point. 

    Doing this will completely remove the bend, making it easier to work with. The pointed end will be your heel.


    4. Next take the end you bowed out and push it inward towards the point of the heel. 

    This will be the top of the foot. You can use your pliers at this point but again it would be best to use them sparingly.


    5. Use your pliers to create a more rounded heel.

    I found that I only needed the pliers for the more fine detailing such as creating the heel and straightening out the bend in the top of the foot. Whether or not you need them will depend on your individual grip and upper arm strength.


    And you're done!

    Easy right? It took me under ten minutes to make a set. I am so happy with the way they turned out and I plan on making more in the future. I'm going to assume that like me you all have a wire hanger or two... or ten... or a huge box of them in your garage. Either way, I'd love to see the socks you block using your homemade blockers so if you make them then make sure to post a picture and tag me either on Instagram at @by_denine or on Twitter at @bydenine

    I Hope You Found This Helpful,

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