Baby socks on a diy baby sock blocker

DIY Baby Sock Blockers

    After releasing  'The “Perfect” Baby Sock’, I thought it’d be nice to share a tutorial on how to make a blocker small enough to fit those little baby socks you just (or are planning to) knit. Blocking baby socks may seem unnecessary but it can actually be beneficial. The benefits include stretching the leg cuff to prevent an uncomfortably tight fit, if you’ve knit lacy or intricately detailed socks it helps to flatten and stretch them which improves the stitch definition, and it gives the sock a natural foot shape which makes them much more comfortable for your little one to wear.

The steps are very similar to those in my adult-sized sock blocker tutorial and the same materials are used, the key difference is that you will only need one hanger which will block both of the socks at once.


To Make These Blockers, You Will Need:

• 1 Wire Hanger
• 1 Pair of Pliers


Step 1: Take your hanger and bend it as if to give it "shoulders"

Step 2: Grab both ends of the hanger and bend them down to create a pair of "legs"

Step 3: Using your hands bend out the rough shape of a babies foot

*Tip: Try to use your hands as much as you possibly can before you use the pliers, The pliers will create little gashes in the hanger which will catch and snag your socks

Step 4: Once you've created your general shape grab your pliers and round out any pointed corners you may have left

Repeat the last step on both feet 

and you're done!

So far I've blocked three pairs of baby socks and for some reason blocking those adorable little socks on this cute little sock blocker puts a big goofy smile on my face. I hope it will do the same for you!

If you happen to make one make sure to post a photo and tag me either on Twitter @bydenine or on Instagram @by_denine

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